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With the arrival of good weather, it's time to start thinking about changing your wardrobe for the season. Gone are the cold winter nights, the snowy days and, . It's time to store the clothes from the coldest months of the year and make room for light clothes.


There is no specific date to do it, but spring is the season in which temperatures begin to rise, the transition between summer and cold winter. That's why, unless you have a *wardrobe like that of the protagonist of 'Sex in New York', it's time to remove the winter clothes and take out T-shirts, linens and sandals for the beach. It's all about attitude. The dreaded wardrobe change won't be with you if you take note of these seven tips:



1. Choose the perfect day. Before you start, think about when you will do it. Choose a day when you have time, so you can do it without rushing and without distractions. Reserve at least one morning because, although it is different in each case, the average time it takes is three to five hours.


2. Take out all your clothes. The time of the wardrobe change is a great opportunity to review what you have. Divide the clothes into two piles: on the one hand, what you want to keep and, on the other hand, what you have decided to sell or donate.



3. Thoroughly clean the cupboard. Take advantage of the fact that you have an empty cupboard to do a good cleaning. Even if you have a wardrobe with doors, the interior always collects a lot of dust and mites. Run a damp cloth with a little neutral soap (dishwasher), over the surfaces and then dry it well.


4. Classify clothes by category. See grouping the clothes you have left by type of garment and, in turn, set aside what you will keep for the next season.


5.Don't keep your clothes unwashed, even if they don't have noticeable stains, over the months the remains of perfume or sweat oxidize and stains remain that can later become impossible to remove.

We can store your clothes in our Detiquette Dry Cleaners and thus you free up space to have your clothes looser and without wrinkles. 


6. Assign a place to everything. It's time to put everything back in the closet. It is important to define where we will place each category (jackets, shirts, dresses, pants...). Whether it's on hangers, in buckets or drawers, try to make sure that we can see what we have at a glance and, of course, that your pieces wrinkle as little as possible. A method that gives a lot of harmony to your wardrobe is to sort by color and according to the height of the pieces. An example of this would be:


7. How and where to store clothes from another season. What we are going to keep until the next wardrobe change must be clean. Never store in plastic bags as light and natural fabrics, such as wool, can deteriorate.

In addition, my advice is to use *Cotton hangers (you can find them in Zara Home or El Corte Ingles) and fabric boxes with some small openings so that the clothes are ventilated. My favorites are Zara *Home.


The ideal is to place the boxes in the mezzanines of the wardrobe, but if this is not possible, we can store them in the sofa under the bed or in the storage room, although, in this case, to protect the clothes, it is recommended to use natural anti-moths such as cedar sticks, sold in *Muji or *Zara *Home, and anti-humidity products. Prevention is better than cure!


8. Give it your personal touch. Finally, remember to label the boxes so you know what's inside and put lavender or any scent you like inside. It will be comfortable and nice for the next time you need to take off your clothes.


Once you've changed your wardrobe, choose your spring look and go out to enjoy the reddish forests and beautiful landscapes that this season offers us.

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