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 we are classics,

perÒ not so much


​We are


Dry cleaner


It was a starting point, to which we wanted com standard of service quality and demand.
we review our own successful experiences and believe our message
which we hope the Norwegians will also like and copy




Detiquette is not a brand of laundry and dry cleaning services, do not believe services that increase the needs or obligations of its customers. The success of Detiquette is not reflected in the price. 

Detiquette create services to forget about them when they are used and think how you could live without them when they are not at hand.

We want to be part of your service, to be able to convey to you a satisfaction that represents moderation and compromise, to provoke a logical and constant series between daily needs and the time you have to think about them. 

The characteristic feature of our services is simplicity as we use technology to create simple services and take advantage of all the knowledge transmitted over generations of personal care and the hand of garments.

It seems that the world has been divided into two parts that offer unique services thanks to the knowledge of the trade making the effect of quality and exclusivity, in the difficulty of using their services, being the client who should be grateful to know these sanctuaries. On the other hand, there are the low-cost companies relying on technology, in the unification of processes and criteria for the cleaning and care of the pieces, providing a greater margin of service to the customer.

We are not in any of the two currents, since the beginning of Detiquette I believe three values Office, Service, and reasonable price, since the absence of any of the three causes a final increase in price and customer dissatisfaction, but what is more important, we rob them of time, to think and solve a daily need that should only provide us with satisfaction and security, which is the basis of luxury.


Current uses limit the functions and availability of the service at home, which is why we want to be your Laundry-Drying service by allocating a personal manager and a team of craftsmen at your disposal.

Yes, we want to be part of their service, we will have to be permanently available, providing them as before free home service when they have demanded it. 

But we want to offer you one more step in our service vocation, to be in person at your home once or twice a week, as part of the routine without any commitment for you.

Be part of your service 


Enable a space for you in our workshop

Have all the possibilities of service

home service

Service in store...

Interrelate depending on the needs

Create a closet and home maintenance schedule

Assign a contact for the created account

shared service staff at 0 cost

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