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We offer a quality service based on knowledge of the sector. And it's not us who say it, but the numerous Hotels and Companies in Barcelona who entrust the clothing of their customers and their employees to our professionals.

The years of experience, linked to our company philosophy and constant technical innovations, make us benchmarks in the sector. In addition, we have modern facilities, a highly qualified human team, as well as agile and well-planned logistics.

Whether it's because you don't have a reliable professional company to provide you with the service, or because you require a reliable Dry Cleaner at work peaks, we're what you're looking for.

100% committed to the satisfaction of our customers and knowing perfectly well the demands of our customers, we offer you a very complete service: collection, washing, ironing, folding and packaging of all kinds of pieces, as well as a guaranteed delivery daily.

We offer very high standards of quality combined with unbeatable prices in the Barcelona market. This makes us a reference in the dry cleaning sector for hotels and companies in Barcelona. And proof of this is the number of customers who entrust their parts to our team.

En Detiquette Tintoreria Classic, in addition, we have extra services to add to your services: quality and differentiation de labeling service. In addition, we work les 24h and carry out collections and deliveries in person, without intermediaries, which allows us to offer the highest quality throughout the process. In addition, we have a firm commitment to our customers to meet specific deadlines, with guaranteed daily deliveries.
You will have your pieces like the first day. 

As you only want to offer your customers the best, so do we.

they are all favorite customers

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